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The Sandusky Underground Railroad, Local History Tours, Winery Tours … with more excitement coming soon!

Seasoned tour guides pick you up at Jackson Street Pier, the heart of downtown Sandusky’s vibrant waterfront neighborhood, where your journey begins. Enjoy the magic of the Firelands area, Sandusky Bay, and Lake Erie from the comfort of our 18-passenger, climate-controlled bus. Tours feature museums, historic landmarks, vibrant attractions both old and new, and beautiful vistas of our area.  Life is an adventure!

Current tours

The Sandusky Underground Railroad

What was the Underground Railroad? Was there only one route? Did people have to pay, barter or trade to be allowed to ride? How many could ride the train?

Imagine yourself on a treacherous journey, trying to find your path to freedom in the promised land known by some as Canada. Discover hidden truths of the Underground Railroad. Learn about the significant role that Sandusky played in the lives of so many freedom seekers. Visit homes and churches they came to rely on to assure their escape, and the statue commissioned by the city honoring survivors who used Sandusky as their port to freedom. Learn the truth about secret codes that helped them on their paths. Experience a curated museum exhibit that brings their escapes to life. And hear the frightening accounts of close calls in order to realize their freedom.

Our tour guides will give you a fascinating glimpse into this essential facet of early 1800s history. You’ll come away with a deepened understanding and appreciation of this not-to-be-forgotten era.

Haunted Sandusky

Climb aboard Firelands Adventure Tours’ bus and learn about the supernatural side of Sandusky’s history that very few know about or have experienced – until now! Experience Sandusky’s shadowy side, where spirit-beings appear in buildings and store windows by using their energies to make themselves known. Explore the spooky secrets of cemeteries, downtown streets and buildings, and the waterfront with Donna Bretz, founder of Sandusky’s Witches’ Walk. She guides you through the haunts of spirit-beings and tells stories of her encounters with them. Be sure to bring your camera to capture spirit-beings, apparitions, orbs, or other strange occurrences.

Catawba Island

Catawba Island’s rich history of agriculture, commerce, and recreation are brought to life on our Catawba Island Historical Society tour. Visit locations where steamboats and horse-drawn jitneys brought vacationers (including Teddy Roosevelt and Harvey Firestone) to resorts on the Lake Erie shores. Peer into the dreams of developers as they considered the beautiful lake vistas and planned how best to enjoy them. Learn about farmers and their orchard harvests that built the foundations of today’s peach industry. And experience how fishing and quarrying limestone influenced what Catawba Island is today. This two-hour interactive tour expands your appreciation of the natural beauty and importance of Catawba Island that’s right in our backyards.

Coming Soon

We’re planning all sorts of new adventures for you! So please visit our website again soon to learn about our upcoming winery, lighthouse, casino and Catawba Island tours, and make your reservations.