Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Jim and Dick answer the most common questions from our adventure-seeking guests.

Q. Does my reservation come with any information or details about the tour?

A. Yes, we send you an email with instructions including arrival times, location, directions, parking suggestions, and where to meet your tour bus and guide. Be sure to wear suitable and comfortable clothing. Oh, and don’t forget your camera/phone!

Q. Should I tip the tour guide and driver? I never know when it is appropriate.

A. Your guides will never ask for a tip, and you will never see a “tip jar” on the bus. However, if you would like to reward the guides as a gesture that you enjoyed the tour and appreciate how hard the folks worked to ensure your safety, then yes, tips are welcomed. Thank you for asking.

Q. Where do I park?

A. Most of our tours begin at Jackson Street Pier in downtown Sandusky. Complimentary parking is available on Jackson Street Pier and nearby on the street, in the heart of downtown Sandusky’s vibrant waterfront district.

Q. Are you close to Cedar Point?

A. Yes, Cedar Point is just across Sandusky Bay from Downtown Sandusky.

Q. Is your bus handicap-accessible?

A. Our comfortable tour bus is handicap-accessible and fully ADA-compliant.