National Museum of the Great Lakes

wine tasting

Be a part of the full-afternoon adventure developed exclusively for Sandusky Maritime Museum members.

First stop – Tony Packo’s on Toledo’s East Side to enjoy lunch. Since it’s “on-your-own,” you can order from their extensive menu whose highlight is their signature Hungarian hot dog. After lunch you can’t miss their famous Bun Wall of Fame that displays hot dog buns signed by Presidents, actors, musicians, and even astronauts.

After lunch it’s a short ride to the National Museum of the Great Lakes. You’ll be greeted by the knowledgeable Museum Guide and experience an introduction to the Museum. Following the introduction, you have two options. First is to tour the lake freighter Col. James M. Schoonmaker given the title “Queen of the Lakes” during its 70 years of service.* The other option is The Museum tour. Here your personal guide will immerse you in thousands of years of history that make the Great Lakes the most important natural resource in the world and how they impact the social, economic, and political history of the North American continent.